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  3. I’m Permanently Banned from Google AdWords - By Hugo
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Log in to post a comment. February 09, googleadwords paidmarketing. Read full post. Post a Comment. I love your persistence in sticking with it for 5 months to get them to reverse it. I think this is a function of 2 things: 1 They're making more money per click now -- the clicks generally are far more expensive across all verticals than they were 5 years ago so losing an individual advertiser has more of an impact on their business 2 They're targeting small business owners who aren't going to get a PhD to use the product.

Google Ads (AdWords) Suspended FIX + FREE APPEAL letter

Probably, if this had happened 5 years I'd still be suspended now. Just takes time : If you're still banned, you might be interested in trying to get in touch with them again now. Get Weekly Top Posts.

Has Your Adwords Account Been Suspended?

High five! Question Details optional. Have some feedback? Use the feedback box below if you have a question, comment or general feedback. Google Ads. This content is likely not relevant anymore.

Try searching or browse recent questions. Yesterday, I logged into my Ads account to increase my spend when I realized that my Ads account had been suspended, I check the disapproved ads and I edited the capitalization in one ad and the other was for "Circumventing Systems. I contacted my hosting company who have now solved the issue and I am now trying to get my Ads account reinstated but this morning received an email to state that:. Thank you for your continued patience during this process.

I’m Permanently Banned from Google AdWords - By Hugo

Since this decision is final, the account will not be reinstated. Please avoid creating additional Ads accounts, as they will be subjected to the same suspension. The title of this thread was updated by a Google Community Manager to accurately reflect the issue asked. The question of this thread was modified by a Google Community Manager to accurately reflect the proposed issue at hand. Setup and basics. Community content may not be verified or up-to-date.

Learn more. Recommended Answer Recommended Answers 2. Gold Product Expert Robert Skelton Recommended Answer. Gold Product Expert. Community Specialist. Google Ads Product User.

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Gold Product Expert Celebird. Any attempts to remove or close a suspended Ads account, creating additional accounts for the same advertiser or business entity in response to any suspension are possible signs to circumvent the system. Unfortunately, some suspensions are permanent and any attempts to create new accounts will be subjected to the same suspension.

The answer of this reply was modified by a Google Community Manager to accurately reflect recent product and content changes. All Replies Web Seo. I have been using Google ads smoothly for past few days and I deposited funds into few times, the transactions were smoothly as well. Everything was normal and ran in priority. Though today, i was running out of budget as campaignI was exhausting it quickly so i made a deposit of RS. Isn't it surprising really? So Google cleaned house and if it ain't true or relevant you may just be left out in the cold as far as Google is concerned.

Now one thing is for certain. If you should get a great, relevant campaign, product and ads going on Google and score a great quality score for doing so you can be sure that your ads will work well on other networks as well.

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Now doesn't that go to you being a better marketer? Cheers Salamei 2. I am a ppc expert and now use only ppv like leadimpact. You can get sick traffic for cents a click and up to over a penny a click! PCC is dead to me as of right now and now looking into using mobile to do advertising on but that may take some time to learn. PPV is what affiliates need to be using and not ppc I am sick of they robbing me of income for my family so I use just ppv.

Simply ask a friend or your mom to sign up for an account and use a prepaid creditcard, of ask to use your friends or mom's creditcard. It's kindoff silly to do it like this but it works if you really want to use Adwords again. Just don't go and advertise the same website you got banned for and don't forget to clear your cookies, and use a new email adres.

Best of luck! I had adds running for about 4 months when i started and was spending about as much as i was making then like the other people my adds stopped. I found out later they won't tell any of us the actual problem because no one ever really looks at the sites there computers do. It never ceases to amaze me that the bigger a company gets the more they want and the more crooked things they will do to get there.

I know there are people out there doing PPC and spamming the heck out of things but some of us don't and google wants to be the biggest in the market then they need to have real customer service not the crap the hand out. Why does it seem that so many internet companies who only provide a service never have real customer service, all the retail internet stores do, all large retail stores, sears, target wall mart do so why doesn't google, it's because of greed they don't want to pay people so handle there problems.

Hay google do your JOB!

9 Reasons Your AdWords Ad Was Disapproved – And How to Fix It

If google is SO concerned for there customers and reputation then they should stop letting Porn sites be seen on google. I like many others have done nothing wrong in any way and we get crapped on because google thinks there computers can do no wrong and want the money all for themselves and doesn't want to pay people for customer service, so my advice don't bother with google adwords, the only other option is start a new account with a different name with a different credit card, the scammers do it all the time, 2.

All the affiliate advertisers in the solar niche have virtually disappeared and people are writing in other forums to forget marketing weight loss via adwords. Has blueprint updated and found a solution - a way to sell without getting slapped???? Or are we going to just pay out good money and time and keep getting slapped? It's actually spammy techniques and dubious products that they crack down on. What google wants is for people to have the best experience when using their services. We should keep that in mind when setting up our websites.

Even clickbank has made video's to address the situation however once you have made what ever mistake it is very hard to work it out especially if your fairly new. Your website is marked. People usually find it hard to pin point the problem and say just get a new account in your mother's name or partner.

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Well my question is?? Is affilorama being an affilate promotion site going to address this issue by giving there opinion on how to make a non spammy affiliate landing page????? Last edited by sunthread on 22 Feb 11 am, edited 1 time in total. Last edited by sunthread on 22 Feb 11 am, edited 2 times in total.

Tell me how can you do affiliate marketing with adwords without a bridging page I do not see anything dishonest in my post. It is equally true that google does not like bridge pages. For those not in the know, bridge pages are those whose sole purpose is to drive traffic to another site without providing value. Such pages are considered spam. Google prohibits websites that feature links to other websites without providing any added functionality or unique content for the user.

If we have truly unique content and provide added value for users on our landing pages, they would not be considered "bridge pages" by google. I believe we should approach this from a positive perspective and review our landing pages to see if they comply with google's standards if we want our adwords ads and accounts to be in good standing.