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Use of the spouse as a donor was an early feature of this program. Our results compare favorably with results published from other centers.

To cope with the increasing demand of transplantation in the Southern Region , we have to look into ways of increasing our transplant numbers to match the needs. The dataset only includes hospital facilities and Full Text Available Introduction. Globally, depression is one of the three leading causes of disease and it will be the second leading cause of world disability by In Ethiopia, depression was found to be the seventh leading cause of disease burden and its prevalence has been increased in hospital compared to community setting because hospital environment itself is stressful.

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Yet, no study was done in Eastern Ethiopia, where substance use like Khat is very rampant. To assess depression and associated factors among adult inpatients at public hospitals of Harari Regional State, Eastern Ethiopia, from February 01 to 28, Hospital based cross-sectional study design was employed on admitted adult patients in Harari region hospitals.

Consecutive sampling method was used to include study population. The data were collected by interviewee and analyzed by SPSS version Bivariate and multivariate logistic regression analyses were employed. A total of patients were interviewed with response rate of Conclusion and Recommendation. Prevalence of depression among admitted inpatients was high. Therefore, increasing the awareness of benefits of early diagnosis of patients to prevent major form of depression and strengthening the clinical set-up and establishing good referral linkage with mental health institutions was considered to be cost-effective method to reduce its prevalence.

Identify the cardiovascular risk factors in a group of workers in the province of Salamanca , protected by external prevention services, as regards exposure to occupational carcinogens, by sector of activity and gender. An observational descriptive epidemiological study was conducted. The sample selection was by stratified random sampling in each entity. The variables collected by questionnaire were, sociodemographic characteristics, exposure to occupational carcinogens, and cardiovascular risk factors smoking, hypertension, dyslipidemia, and diabetes , using the clinical-work histories as a source of information.

Statistically significant differences were observed in cardiovascular risk according to the exposure to occupational carcinogens p cardiovascular risk in the work place. Paleolithic rock art in the open air place of La Salud Tormes valley, Salamanca. Full Text Available In a new open air rock art site was discovered in the place called La Salud in the city of Salamanca. In we carried out an intensive survey to have a better knowledge. As a result, in three decorated sectors were distinguished containing in total four animal representations —two horses, a cervico-dorsal line and a possible goat— and several non figurative motives composed by crossed lines.

Different preservation issues affecting the site, such as landslide and erosion, have probably hampered the conservation of more representations all along the valley. This extents considerably the territory of these kind of representations revealing the necessity of more intense work to investigate the Upper Paleolithic habitat in the Meseta. Safe injections and waste management among healthcare workers at a regional hospital in northern Tanzania. Unsafe injections and substandard waste management are public health issues exposing healthcare workers and the community to the risk of infections.

The objective of this study was to assess the knowledge and practice of safe injections and health care waste management among healthcare workers at a regional hospital in northern Tanzania.

salamanca regional hospital: Topics by

This cross sectional descriptive study was conducted in a regional hospital in northern Tanzania. Data was collected through a self-administered questionnaire with additional observations of the incinerator, injections, waste practices, and the availability of medical supplies. Data was analysed in SPSS descriptive statistics and chi-square tests were performed. The majority of healthcare workers had adequate knowledge and practice of safe injections, but inadequate knowledge about waste management.

The majority of the staff reported knowledge of HIV as a risk factor, however, had less knowledge about other blood-borne infections.

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Guidelines and posters on post exposure prophylaxes and waste management -were present at the hospital , however, the incinerator had no fence or temperature gauge. In conclusion, healthcare workers reported good knowledge and practice of injections, and high knowledge of HIV transmission routes. However, the hospital is in need of a well functioning incinerator and healthcare workers require sufficient medical supplies. There was a need for continual training about health care waste management and avoidance of blood-borne pathogens that may be transmitted through unsafe injections or poor health care waste management.

Since there are not any legal data about it, I examined this matter in land register and through its notarial inscriptions of the time. Keywords: Ojesto, bankruptcy, creditors, competitive tendering creditors, liquidation and administration committee, goods and farms.

Advancing obstetric and neonatal care in a regional hospital in Ghana via continuous quality improvement. To reduce maternal and neonatal death at a large regional hospital through the use of quality improvement methodologies. In , Kybele and the Ghana Health Service formed a partnership to analyze systems and patient care processes at a regional hospital in Accra, Ghana.

A model encompassing continuous assessment, implementation, advocacy, outputs, and outcomes was designed. Key areas for improvement were grouped into "bundles" based on personnel, systems management, and service quality. Primary outcomes included maternal and perinatal mortality, and case fatality rates for hemorrhage and hypertensive disorders. Implementation and outcomes were evaluated tri-annually between and Case fatality rates for pre-eclampsia and hemorrhage decreased from 3.

Published by Elsevier Ireland Ltd. Methods: A quantitative, hospital -based, unmatched case-control study was performed. Results: Marital status, employment status, number of total pregnancies, and knowledge about contraception were found to be associated with induced abortion. Full Text Available Introduction: Optimal solutions for reducing diversion without worsening emergency department ED crowding are unclear. We performed a systematic review of published simulation studies to identify: 1 the tradeoff between ambulance diversion and ED wait times; 2 the predicted impact of patient flow interventions on reducing diversion; and 3 the optimal regional strategy for reducing diversion.

Additional studies identified through bibliography review, Google Scholar, and scientific conference proceedings. Study Selection: Only simulations modeling ambulance diversion as a result of ED crowding or inpatient capacity problems were included.

Data extraction: Independent extraction by two authors using predefined data fields. Results: We identified 5, potentially relevant records; 10 studies met inclusion criteria. In models that quantified the relationship between ED throughput times and diversion, diversion was found to only minimally improve ED waiting room times. Adding holding units for inpatient boarders and ED-based fast tracks, improving lab turnaround times, and smoothing elective surgery caseloads were found to reduce diversion considerably.

While two models found a cooperative agreement between hospitals is necessary to prevent defensive diversion behavior by a hospital when a nearby hospital goes on diversion, one model found there may be more optimal solutions for reducing region wide wait times than a regional ban on diversion.

Conclusion: Smoothing elective surgery caseloads, adding ED fast tracks as well as holding units for inpatient boarders, improving ED lab turnaround times, and implementing regional cooperative agreements among hospitals. Full Text Available Reviews the legal and regulatory basis in the sphere of the guardianship treatment centres in the Russian Empire in the middle of the XIXth century, alleging the establishment of the public supervision over the activities of city, County and provincial hospitals.

Contents of the powers of the Trustees, their objectives and main activities. Specific examples in the Danube region proved the thesis that among the Trustees were dominated by representatives of the nobility.

Benefits of an ISO certification--the case of a Swiss regional hospital. This paper reports the experience of a quality management project leading to an ISO certification in a Swiss regional hospital. It describes the motivations for the project, the process that was followed and the benefits of the approach. It also shows its limitations, problems encountered as well as costs and resources involved.

The emphasis is on practical issues. Choices that were made are discussed and lessons are drawn. Objective To determine whether surgical quality measures that Medicare publicly reports provide a basis for patients to choose a hospital from within their geographic region. We defined regions within which patients were likely to compare hospitals using the hospital referral regions HRRs from the Dartmouth Atlas of Health Care Project.

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In 62 percent of HRRs, hospitals were skewed toward the higher rates negative skewness. Seven percent of HRRs demonstrated positive skewness. Only 1 percent had a positive outlier.