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12222 Fun Summer Activities for Autistic Children
  1. Sensory Play Ideas and Summer Activities For Kids With Autism
  2. 12222 Summer Camp Dates
  3. Summer Camp? Not for Many Children on the Autism Spectrum
  4. Top 10 Summer Activities for Children on the Autism Spectrum -

You can sign your child up for a class with an instructor, but it can be tough to find that perfect class. Often, a better choice is to create an art corner at home, complete with a range of media and a nice big tarp on the floor.

Sensory Play Ideas and Summer Activities For Kids With Autism

Be aware that many children on the spectrum have sensory issues which make sticky, gooey substances difficult to manage; others may put non-food items in their mouths. So start with simple, non-toxic supplies like crayons, paper, and safety scissors and progress from there. And don't worry if your child isn't an artist: few of us are! Many children with autism have musical talents, but because they're so busy with other priorities at school, they may not have a chance to join the choir or pick up a musical instrument.

12222 Summer Camp Dates

Summer is a great time to take kids to outdoor concerts where they can move around, dance, or make noise without creating a ruckus. You might also want to introduce your children with and without autism to different kinds of music and music making, by taking them to musical events, playing "dance party" music at home, or even offering them a chance to try out a musical instrument or singing.

Fitness is important to everyone, but kids with autism often lose out when it comes to gym time, organized sports, or high energy play dates.

Summer Break for Kids with Autism

Summer is a good time to get physical as a family. Depending upon your child's abilities and sensitivities, you might want to try activities such as a backyard water slide or sprinkler, bike or trike riding, rock climbing I was absolutely amazed by my son's fearlessness and joy at being able to climb a wall in a harness! Local playgrounds are also a terrific resource — not only because they're fun, physical, and often enclosed for safety, but also because they offer such great opportunities to teach social skills.

Many people with autism are attracted to trains; no one really knows why! Riding a real train can be a terrific summer activity, and there are plenty of opportunities to do just that in many vacation spots. There are trains that go up mountains; scenic train rides; train museums that offer rides. There are subway trains, light rail trains, and trains that take you to exciting destinations.

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There are also miniature trains in amusement parks which can be great fun for everyone. OK, granted, this is not a cheap or easy activity, and Disney is darned hot in summer. But if you're looking for a destination where your whole family — including your autistic child — can feel relaxed and supported, you can't beat Disney. They offer special needs passes so your child need not wait in long lines. They literally cater to your every dietary whim. They provide high and low-energy rides, mellow and intense swimming experiences, and plenty of non-amusement-park options ranging from hikes to boating to fishing to horseback riding.

Take it slow and easy, plan and preview every day's activities, and build in lots of breaks and snacks. And do take advantage of Disney services where and whenever you need them: that's why they're there! Sign up for our Health Tip of the Day newsletter, and receive daily tips that will help you live your healthiest life. Further, Dahlgren and Gillberg found that sensitivity to auditory stimuli in infancy was an accurate way to detect autism. Depending on what you have on hand, you can either pull dry items of different shapes, colors, or flavors. To start with this sensory activity, lay your chosen items out on parchment paper.

In no particular order, allow your child to sort them either by color colored cereal or dried berries , by shape circular cereal, tortilla chips, square crackers , or by flavor sour lemon, sweet orange, spicy pepper. Be sure that the items you chose for your child are safe for them to taste. This will help them explore their sense of taste while working on organizational skills or pattern forming.

Summer Camp? Not for Many Children on the Autism Spectrum

For parents of children who are picky eaters , a game like this one might help introduce new foods in a unique way. Creating a game out of unfamiliar foods can be a way to explore new foods or enjoy old favorites without the pressure. Nicolette Roux of Powerful Mothering has created a handful of tactile sensory doughs, but this fizzy cloud dough adds something extra to playtime. When your child gets bored with the dough, add vinegar, and it will fizz as the vinegar reacts with the baking soda. Use a dropper for more controlled fizzing or directly pour the vinegar for a more monumental fizz.

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Roux, Just think—baby steps. Babies do not walk overnight and neither will a severe sensory aversion. There are dozens of ideas for DIY sensory activities for autism, but be sure you pick the ones that you know your child will enjoy. Finding the best sensory activities for your child may take some trial and error. Carryover activities from the school year can be an excellent starting place as your child makes the change to a new summer routine. Including siblings or other family members in sensory games for autism can help maintain social and integrative play skills your child worked on in the classroom.

Articles, A. Brockett, S. Visual Therapy for ASD.

Top 10 Summer Activities for Children on the Autism Spectrum -

Burby, L. Tactile Play with the use of sand. Support Easterseals' work to help people with disabilities, veterans, caregivers and their families live full, independent lives and reach their goals. Summer is a chance to play, rest and enjoy a change of pace. Cathy Pratt, Director of the Indiana Resource Center for Autism at the Institute on Disability and Community, to share some creative ideas for summer fun for kids on the spectrum or kids who are simply sensory sensitive.

Summer fun starts with embracing exploration with new sensory activities, which may help improve sensory processing while reducing stress. Try seasonal foods through cooking activities. Prepare them together in your kitchen or try campfire-style, explaining what to do step by step. Sandboxes make for a wonderful sensory play. You can also include some natural elements to discover within it, like flower petals or small toys.

Consider sensory needs with swimwear and sunscreens. But soft fabrics and fragrance-free lotions or sprays. Apply before you leave the house for the day or start a new activity. If your child is sensitive to some of these safety measures, then try alternatives like sun hats, sunglasses or soft, sun-blocking shirts.

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