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A valued lifestyle No single approach is an end in itself. Sarah Rooney remarks that 'work is not a panacea for loneliness, or a guarantee of companionship'. Similar issues relate to respite care see Oswin, , in which it is vital that the service attends to the emotional and social needs of the child or adult as well as the respite requirements of the family.

Information about learning disabilities

One of the main challenges that remains, even when services are successful, is the issue of developing valued friendship networks other than with immediate family and staff, in a society where difference still creates barriers see Richardson and Ritchie, In essence, the innate dignity and value of each individual must be considered at all times. One of the most powerful statements of the past few years has been the drama, art and poetry see Atkinson and Williams, that results as people with intellectual disabilities say 'know me as I am'.

London: Hodder and Stoughton, Kidderminster: British Institute of Learning Disability, Beresford P. Encouraging caring communities.

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Mental Health Today, February British Association of Social Workers. The Code of Ethics for Social Work.

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Birmingham: BASW, Chamba R et al. London: Policy Press, A Toolkit for Changing Day Services.

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Sepsis information for paid carers/professionals of People with a Learning Disability

London: Policy Studies Institute, Rooney S. The social model of disability was developed by people with disabilities in the s and s.

Social Care Services And The Social Perspective | Intellectual Disability and Health

It came as a reaction to the medical model of disability which had been widely agreed with at the time. The medical model would say that in order for everyone to participate fully in society, everyone would need a non-disabled body and mind. People who follow this way of thinking will be able to see past the outdated policies and procedures that can be a barrier to people with learning disabilities leading full and active lives.

Using the social model of disability, there should be no limits set on what people with learning disabilities can achieve; the key is finding the support which they need to enable them to achieve these things. An important principle of the social model is that the individual is the expert on their requirements in a particular situation, and that this should be respected, regardless of whether the disability is obvious or not. The AccessAbility Centre is open 9. Contact us if you would like to speak with someone outside of these hours.

The University of Leicester is committed to equal access to our facilities. DisabledGo has a detailed accessibility guide for the David Wilson Library. Personal tools Web Editor Log in. Search Site only in current section. Advanced Search…. Search Site. Some examples of a medical model approach might be: a course leader who refuses to produce a hand-out in a larger font for a visually impaired student.