Manual Microchip Murder - A Katla KillFile (Amsterdam Assassin Series)

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  4. Assassin Katla has to kill an industrial spy and retrieve the stolen item...

Martyn V. Halm | Scribd

But there's no rest for the wicked. An unexpected pregnancy, a brother in peril, a secretive consultant, and an assiduous infiltrator conspire to force Katla to renege on her vows and once again do what she does best: solving problems in her own unparalleled way. While not mandatory reading, each KillFile provides insight both in Katla's work methods and skill, and additional background information in her character and personal history. The KillFiles can be read out of order, as the contracts are random samples from Katla's past.

The Locked Room KillFile 7, words follows freelance assassin Katla Sieltjes executing a contract on a physician responsible for the death of her client's wife. Using an updated version of a lethal puzzle that astounded forensic scientists at the end of the twentieth century, Katla recreates a diabolical killing method that became a landmark in the forensic sciences. Thwarting forensic scientists is not her only hurdle in fulfilling her contract, as her target has to be killed in his home, an opulent penthouse in a fortress-like apartment building Microchip Murder Assassin Katla has to kill an industrial spy and retrieve the stolen item The Microchip Murder KillFile 8, words follows freelance assassin Katla Sieltjes executing a contract on an industrial spy, who is in the process of selling a stolen microchip with valuable software to the competition.

Katla's client wants the stolen microchip and research materials returned to him, but her target is wary and the unscrupulous buyers are prepared to kill for the stolen software.

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  • Microchip Murder - A Katla KillFile (Amsterdam Assassin Series)?

Fundamental Error Assassin Katla is hired by a client whose brother is planning a terrorist attack The Fundamental Error KillFile 9, words follows freelance assassin Katla Sieltjes on her most dangerous assignment yet. When Peter Brandt watches his brother Roel convert to Islam and turn into a domestic terrorist, Katla needs to enter into the mind of a fanatic suicide bomber in order to thwart a mass-murder attack in the shopping mecca of Amsterdam. Aconite Attack Assassin Katla finds a devious way to get a target to poison himself The Aconite Attack KillFile 10, words follows Katla Sieltjes on her first foray as a freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter, when she gets herself hired by the CEO of a modelling agency to permanently remove his playboy partner draining the firm's resources on his downward spiral into self-destruction.

Katla finds a way to administer poison to the target, but he has to be isolated for her plan to succeed. Every plan has a fluke factor though, and Katla soon finds herself in mortal danger, when the target reveals his darker side Grabs you and holds you tight! By Kim Shoesmith Hi, and firstly my thanks to the author, whom I wouldn't have been in touch with had I not been signed up with Goodreads.

When I first started to read this book, I didn't think I would like it, that it wasn't really my thing, I have to admit. But within about the first 80 pages it had been gripped. I love the way it flitted between the present and how he had got to that point. The author really seemed to understand the plight of the main character, and how he felt as the story unfolded. If he the author hasn't ever been a pickpocket, then his research is amazingy lol!

It was very real to me and I could imagine how the mc felt, going back to his van alone and hoping no one would find him, especially Lilith! I'll not let on what happened but the whole Gabriel episode, well, it's heart breaking! You could feel terror, fear, his cockiness and loneliness, as the story unfolded.

D&R - Kültür Sanat ve Eğlence Dünyası

Although he knew his craft mc you could also feel his spinning out of control as events piled up and some overtook him. And I could see how I was wrong too! A really good story, I really enjoyed it. I do love a book which surprises me, both by turning out to be a great tale and really well written, and in that I don't get the ending early!

Thanks again Martyn, for allowing me to read it, and I'm off to Amazon now to see what else you have to offer!!

This story focuses on a character who has previously featured in the AA series, Wolfgang the pickpocket. The story begins with Wolfgang having been seen by an aspiring student of his craft and we are then taken on an roller coaster of a ride. At pages it is a shorter read than the full length Katla novels but the story is every bit as engaging. Gone Again.

The Pretty Reckless were...

Doug Johnstone. Here She Lies. NYPD Red. James Patterson. The Last Mile. Don't Cry.

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Beverly Barton. Never Tell. Alafair Burke. The Girl in the Spider's Web. David Lagercrantz. The Microchip Murder KillFile 8, words follows Katla Sieltjes as she has to kill a woman recently fired by her employer, and recover the microchip and research materials stolen by the ex-employee. Meanwhile, the target is wary and looking for a way to sell the microchip to the competition.

Assassin Katla has to kill an industrial spy and retrieve the stolen item...

Each KillFile features Katla Sieltjes, expert in disguising homicide, executing one of her contracts. This ebook contains an AAS glossary. The Amsterdam Assassin Series revolves around freelance assassin and corporate troubleshooter Katla Sieltjes. Under the name Loki Enterprises, Katla specialises in disguising homicide and providing permanent solutions for both individuals and corporations.

The first novel in the Amsterdam Assassin Series, Reprobate , marks the first time Katla breaks one of her own rules, and how this affects both her personal and business life.

The third novel, Rogue , is planned for release in While the novels can be read out of order, reading them in chronological order might be more enjoyable. Between the publications of the novels, the Amsterdam Assassin Series will also feature stand-alone short stories, the Katla KillFiles. To receive updates on the Amsterdam Assassin Series, click here to subscribe to the mailing list.

The right of Martyn V. Halm to be identified as author of this Work has been asserted by her in accordance with sections 77 and 78 of the Copyright, Designs and Patents Act All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in retrieval system, copied in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise transmitted without written permission from the publisher.

You must not circulate this book in any format. The KillFiles can be read out of order, as the contracts are random samples from her past.

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The screen showed her a map of the cafeteria and part of the department store, with active cell phones in small rectangles moving around. So far, only four cell phones had come and gone, but they gathered around the food court and the cash register, so they probably belonged to the staff. Another cell phone had passed her twice, but that belonged to the young security guard making his rounds.