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  2. Excerpt: 'Failure Is Not An Option: Mission Control From Mercury To Apollo 13 And Beyond'
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Chris Cole. Lizard King. When the light turns he pushes once off the platform and then bends and kicks out his right leg and lunges forward, eyes on the red wad rail ahead. Small, muscled, and "made to skate," according to his mentor, Sheckler stays bent as he turns his shoulders 90 degrees and puts his back foot on the board and bends into a Z shape as he lowly roars toward the stairs.

An ollie.

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Land backwards with all his moving weight on the concave board on a long metal wad cylinder a little bit bigger around than a walnut, then slide and fall to the ground. He pumps his foot down and back twice, hard, and on the second kick, turns and tucks and leans back and rolls up the six-foot wall to take flight.

You Can’t Replace Your Fingerprints

He turns frontside—meaning, the direction opposite the way his toes are pointing. Originally a surf word, frontside is still the term riders use when carving away from the wave they face, a backwards or blind carve. So Ryan turns frontside with his head down, back until the top of the differently angled wall enters his periphery and he can stomp down and land and ride away clean. Which he does.

Excerpt of The Movie Medley (Mission: Impossible , 007) - The Super Fathers

Eight seconds have passed. Tony Hawk is announcing the event from a well-hidden booth. Like all big contests, the X Games are somewhat disdained in the general skateboard community, in part because of the point system used to rank skate runs. Similar to the Dr. Evans Pritchard method used in Dead Poets Society, the rating system ranks an overall run by assigning value to each trick, with more points for more complex or difficult maneuvers.

Excerpt: 'Failure Is Not An Option: Mission Control From Mercury To Apollo 13 And Beyond'

He does this. After a few tricks on the transfer ramps and a grind over an arched rail that sounds like a sword being drawn down a water stone, Sheckler pushes back to the starting platform, pops his board into his hand, waits a breath, and starts again. This time he comes from the other side, so the rail up ahead is to his left. Backwards in skateboarding is called "fakie. His right palm drags him around degrees and then he flings both his arms up with his ass just over the concrete.

Then, instead of popping the board off the wall and rolling down, Sheckler, perhaps inspired by the sensed blood of victory, ecutes one of his trademark blunt-force-trauma moves. With a back wheel locked over each edge of the wall, Sheckler spins like a bestial unicycler and wings his left arm out and windmills his right deformed arm behind him to rip himself off the wall frontside, or blind, over his shoulder, degrees, and roll back down.

He softly flips off a thin low ramp leading to the roll-in area and steps off his board to bend down and let it roll back into his palm. The lights change.

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The crowd erupts. The top-ranked favorite in , with two previous gold medals, Sheckler had advanced directly to the finals where he flew off a stair set much like the one he dominated at the course. When this happened his foot exploded. He was helped from the course, and soon after surgeons screwed his foot back together so it could hopefully start to heal. The video ended with something called a switch one-foot nose, which Mullen, in a fifteen-minute interview with Hawk, said took longer to perfect than anything done in his thirty years of professional skateboarding.

And while most everything Rodney does is unique to his ability, this maneuver is especially, unimaginably impossible. The part was shot in black-and-white with a high-res mounted camera at a warehouse near where Mullen lives today. The light is dim and the floor, walls, ceiling, and long platform directly ahead are all black.

The music is slow, nearly acoustic techno. This is the "switch" part of the switch one-foot nose. The board is nearly vertical and a foot from the platform when Rodney flicks its top-right corner with his torn shoe. Two seconds have passed. And before we hit four seconds Rodney brings his front sneaker down fast and traps the nose at the angle he wants, with just enough pressure to keep the back wheels off the ground and give them wiggle room.

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The board moves fore and aft under his body, but the whole time Mullen has his shoulders squared and head centered over the front truck, directly over which his sneaker is planted. The tail does two big nods, and on the second one he has to stick the back leg way out, almost in an arabesque, to correct the balance. The action-packed trailer features a number of world-famous landmarks including the Kremlin in Moscow and the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the world's tallest building, and a new obstacle for Cruise's Hunt to climb.


Excerpt from Feinsand, Hoch's Mission 27 | daitepaggoti.ga

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