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Artificial photosynthesis: Combining technology with biology for efficient solar energy conversion. Abstract Provided significant challenges can be met, solar powered, bio-inspired constructs can contribute to renewable energy resources to meet human energy needs. Fingerprint Photosynthesis. Energy conversion.

Solar Biology

Solar energy. Renewable energy resources. What are some ways genomics is helping solve the global energy crisis?

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Genomics is contributing to the development of renewable energy sources and genetic engineering of enzymes. Comments Close. The Comment you have entered exceeds the maximum length. Comments Please Post Your Comment.

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Do you want to LearnCast this session? The seven points of the star are expressive of the seven primate creative principles, as named on the respective points; and when man conquers or subjugates these principles to the higher will within himself, he then attains the ultimates which stand expressed against the seven points.

Solar Biology E Copper St Tucson, AZ - MapQuest

These seven creative principles are found to have their solar expression in the seven planets made use of in this system, and the different planetary signs are placed against their appropriate point, or principle, in juxtaposition to the sign of the zodiac in which they find their most natural or perfect expression.

These seven points are called the seven vital principles.

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The body of man, being an epitome of the solar man, or nature, cannot exist without having these seven principles in working order, while he can live without the five serving principles provided he be served by others. The serpent encompassing the triangles is expressive of the circle of eternity, also of the psychic or sex principles of nature, which is active in the work of creation or generation.