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The boxes being carried by some of the people in this picture are gas mask containers. This is what Piccadilly Circus in central London looked like on the night before the Blackout.

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Note the two bollards either side of the traffic light at the bottom of picture - they have been painted with white stripes to be more visible when the Blackout begins, as have the wooden strut supports at the base of the central street lights. Small, dimmer, lamps are hung from these struts. After midnight in Piccadilly Circus with automobile headlights illuminating the blacked-out junction in central London. Piccadilly Circus. By this point in the war, the central fountain of the Circus has been boarded up. The statue of "Eros" was removed; the statue was returned in Ludgate Circus, part of Fleet Street, and Ludgate Hill, seen behind the railway bridge, after the start of the Blackout.

The streaks of light are caused by the dim side-lights of cars passing through. One street lamp is still burning, through a breakdown of the timing mechanism, and it is this that is causing the bright light on Ludgate Hill.

A policeman in white coat and flashing a red torch, one of many who patrolled London to enforce the new 20 m. Cars and other vehicles had slotted covers over their headlights, which deflected the light down. But the number of people killed in road accidents went up, which led to speed limits coming down. London's primary shopping artery, Oxford Street, shortly before 6 p. The smaller threads of light outside the shop entrances are handheld electric torches and lamps.

Lights seen on bridge are caused by car headlights. A searchlight attempts to cut through the shroud. It wasn't until September that the intensity of the Blackout was reduced. With the capacity of Germany's war machine in decline, Britain instigated a "Dim-out". Man-made light was permitted so long as it did not exceed the level of moonlight, and full lighting was restored in April Did the Blackout work? Perhaps partially - the lack of lights made the ability for enemy aircraft to locate a target that much harder to do.

Harder, but not impossible. German aircraft were still able to bring sustained destruction to British cities, towns, factories, ports and airfields.

City and County of Broomfield - Official Website

Fundamentally, the Blackout could not change geography. Altogether, around 41, civilians were killed in the German bombing of Britain. In comparison, Allied bombing of Germany killed between , and , civilians. The Graf Zeppelin in World's first commercial airline left onlookers in complete awe.

Image: AP Photo. When the final plunge came, the crowd went "Ooooh! Image: David E.

Life during the blackout

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When the Lights Went Out: On Blackouts and Terrorism

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