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Something moved? There's a face in the brickwork? A murderer, long ago, was buried in the cellar? Stay calm. Breathe deeply. The ghosts of Christmases past are gathering. It was the Victorian era, of course, when ghosts proliferated most obviously in fiction — as well as on stage, in photographs and in drawing room seances.

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Before the start of Victoria's reign in , the health of the genre was thought to be failing. What had raised all these apparitions from the dead? The most straightforward explanation is the rise of the periodical press, says Ruth Robbins, professor of English literature at Leeds Metropolitan University. Ghost stories had traditionally been an oral form, but publishers suddenly needed a mass of content, and ghost stories fitted the bill — short, cheap, generic, repetitive, able to be cut quite easily to length.

Reading on mobile? Watch Ruth Robbins discussing Victorian ghost stories. Ever one to spot a commercial opportunity, she says, Charles Dickens produced his own highly successful ghost story, A Christmas Carol, in serial form just before Christmas This was the same year the first commercially produced Christmas card was sent, and Dickens's story both reflected and influenced a growing trend for marking Christmas with secular celebrations. Dr Andrew Smith, author of The Ghost Story , says: "People like Dickens wanted to revive some notion of community invested within that idea of Christmas.

What's interesting about his version of Christmas is that it's not particularly Christian.

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It's about the family, helping the poor, a moment where you might pause and reflect on your life. Just before Christmas , for instance, shepherds were said to have seen ghostly civil war soldiers battling in the skies. Home Theaters Headphones. Towels Sink Urinals.

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Know about stores. The love story of Carter and the evidently mammalian but egg-laying Martian princess was spun out in two sequel volumes, The Gods of Mars All-Story ; and The Warlord of Mars All-Story ; , which in turn gave rise to a series of eight more books, featuring various protagonists in the same, highly variable, dream-like setting.

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Few of Burroughs's imitators had his flair, but most of them achieved some success in the pulp Magazines of the interwar years. The PR's most important line of evolution after Burroughs was in the sf Magazines. Here, talented writers such as Leigh Brackett and her occasional collaborator Ray Bradbury were to bring the form to its most romantic pitch.

Kate Mosse. Positive The Washington Post So is her ability to bring to life an extraordinarily complex conflict and era, as well as a vast cast of both fictional and historical figures Niklas Natt Och Dag. But ultimately, the only writer who could do justice to this brilliant, unruly life story is Babitz herself.

Ray Cummings

Sarah Weinman. Too many questions remain unanswered and maybe unanswerable Raymond A.

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With its doggedly unglamorous investigators pitted against a cabal of narcissistic, wealth-obsessed bloodsuckers, this wild ride of a novel proves that each era gets the vampires it deserves. Positive The Washington Post Dolnick excels at creating a subtle, growing sense of unease. Charlie Jane Anders. So does her ability to portray a realistic yet original vision of the near-future … Anders weaves a thrilling, seat-of-the-pants narrative with a compelling subtext.